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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
This Privacy Policy aims to inform you about the collection, use, and sharing of your information by Split Shot Photography. It also explains your options for managing your information and safeguarding it. Our priority is to provide you with a secure experience while safeguarding your privacy.

2.The Data We Gather
When you register or use the Service, we will collect and store your name and email address as part of our data.

3. How Do We Use Your Information
Assistance in Providing and Maintaining the Service: We utilize your information in order to deliver and maintain the Service.

Tailored Customer Experience: Through your provided information, we are able to tailor your experience and enhance our customer service.

Effortless Transactions: Our seamless transactions allow for easy and efficient sending of emails, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

4. Disclosing Your Information
Involvement of Outside Parties: Your information may be shared with external partners who are assisting in the management and improvement of the Service.

Adhering to Legal Standards and Safeguarding: Abiding by laws or safeguarding one‘s rights may lead to the divulgence of information.

5. Data Security
We have measures in place to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, changes, or exposure.

Despite taking all necessary measures, please keep in mind that our security is not completely infallible.

6. Revisions to the Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is subject to change. Any updates or revisions will be shared on our website. By continuing to use our Service, you are agreeing to the new version and changes made to the Privacy Policy.

7. Get in Touch
If you require assistance or assistance, kindly reach out to us at