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How Can I Get My Passport Photo Taken?

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Body to Camera Distance

For the best result, it is advised that you stand 40 cm away from the camera and have another person take the photo.

Straight-ahead Posture

Ensure that the camera is at the same height as your face and maintain a neutral expression in order to achieve optimal results.


Position yourself closest to the source of light, such as a window with natural light shining through. This will automatically remove any distractions in the background, so there is no need to be concerned about it.


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Professional Service

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US Passport Photo - ​Requirements

To take a suitable photo must remember the following essential guidelines for your US passport photo:

Biometric passport photos are more accurate and reliable for identification purposes when compared to traditional passport photos. When taking one, make sure to face the camera directly and avoid looking away. The background should typically be a solid color with no pattern, although this requirement may vary.

The regulations regarding eyewear and headwear have not changed. It is recommended that individuals in a passport photo do not wear a hat or glasses, unless they are prescription glasses that do not cause any glare, as this could lead to the photo‘s rejection.

US passport photo - Dimensions and Size

When uploading a photo, it is crucial to pay attention to its size. In particular, the space between the head and the bottom of the chin should range from 11.375 inches (2535mm), while the distance between the bottom of the picture and the eyes should be 1.1251.375 inches (2835mm) instead of measuring from the bottom of the chin.

Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, producing a perfect passport photo is now achievable. Our innovative technology transforms the background of an image, automatically converting it into a US passport photo, regardless of its original location.

Digital Passport Photo

Passtraveldocs-us.com streamlines the process of taking a high-quality biometric passport photo from the comfort of your own home. Our service eliminates the need to visit a professional studio, saving you time and effort while ensuring professional results.

This program has been created to simplify the process of taking a passport photo with your phone and ensuring it meets all the necessary requirements. It takes into consideration factors like lighting, cropping, and background, ensuring your photo will be acceptable.

You have the option to submit multiple revisions until you are fully satisfied with the final outcome, and you do not have to make any payments until you are completely happy with the result. There is no longer any need to physically go somewhere or schedule a meeting.